A very early morning realization in the new year – 2017

A very good morning fellow world dwellers! and I hasten to add in the NEW YEAR, 2017!!!

Nowadays, this is the trend . . . how to get used to a year that is envisioned as the Year of the Fire Rooster!!!!

A quick search via Google will give you a glimpse of what the New Year forecasts for us. However, it is only one side of the many facets we have to consider in our journey through life. Even the Masters of Feng Shui ends their predictions with – it is not the end-all and be-all of your path. Your fate/destiny relies on hard work, faith and persistence.

So what is the very early morning realization www.reinmatters.com came up with?

That life is what you make of it. That at 66 years young, she is no better than anyone else in dealing with life – the zest, the challenge to keep the faith, the struggle continues. That life can only be better with the New Year that has come to us. All we an do is welcome it with open mind and heart and Move on!!!!!