50th Wedding anniversary for Jun & Lucy; 20th wedding anniversary for Boni & Reina

What is it with wedding anniversaries? Imagine being married in 1967 and now, 2017, both the husband and wife are alive,  the wife still very healthy but the husband is not exactly kicking! But for us who have looked up to Jun & Lucy as role models of a married couple, this 50th wedding anniversary is genuine love through 50 years – in sickness and in health; for richer or for poorer; ’til death do they part. The 3 children are all professionals with the only boy having 2 children.

In contrast my 20 years in marital love had been a mixture of the happy and challenging events but in deference, we were together until my hubby passed on – 20 years with 4 very intelligent and well-rounded, loving children; the youngest got married to Christa Belle and the two are now expecting their daughter – our first grandchild.

So what is it with wedding anniversaries? It is the celebration of everything that happened within the marriage, both the happy and challenging moments. So whether one year old or 50 year old marriage, it is not the most important focus rather it is the quality of family life and the all-embracing bond of love that goes stronger through the years!!!