Heads of countries are persons; most of them are confidently commanding but a few are tyrants.

The world has been created by a kind Power called Maker or Supreme Being. Sadly however, the creatures have grown to become “negators” of the good traits of the Maker.

Since order is part of life so in the world, some are designated to become heads of countries. Most of them are confidently commanding but sadly a few are tyrants.

While we are now entering a New Year, 2017,  we might have the same of man’s greed and narcissistic tendencies. When this is affirmed, some respond with prayers while others with proactive course of action. After all these years, the so-called stewards of our world are opposed to each other. While others agree that Climate Change is here to stay and that something more drastic should be done to minimize the existence of pollutants, stubborn and uncooperative minds remain disinterested to do something better.

Since some of the heads of countries are very newly elected we prefer to give them a chance to prove themselves worthy to be relied upon. Sometimes, time is the only thing we can give these leaders to straighten. So, exactly when do we say enough is enough? When can we keep on believing that better days are ahead of us? For this we have only our trust in man’s basic goodness borne of the fact that the Maker is good and therefore in the core of every being, is the inherent tendency to be good.

See you then in the forthcoming blog posts when this belief is proven to be true.