The DAY has come, Alleluia! Bon and Christa – today is the day!! A prayer for you . . .

Father God, while every day is such a gift to behold, today is extraordinarily THE DAY I say ALLELUIA! Words fail to capture the gratitude we feel for the happiness that you bestow on your children – Bon and Christa. Today is THE DAY and we pray you will bless not only today but this day forward and forever.

Bon and Christa, your love story is a story that has begun because God directed time so that you would find each other. Your story will have so many chapters, episodes and moments to cherish, your hearts cannot help but thank God for having each other.

Father God, we offer you Bon and Christa for you alone know their future. We offer their special day today when they promise to you and the Catholic community their commitment to each other: to love and to cherish each other, for richer and for poorer, for sickness and in health, until death do they part.