Barack Obama is my kind of President although I am Filipino

The world today is light years away from my world of 1950! Being young then, leaders who influence us still include our teachers because they did sound intelligent and know what they were doing. After all, how come we know how to read, write and solve without any aide of tutors? Our parents did not have the time because then most of the families, mine included, ranged from 6-10! We were 8 alive, with only my father earning. Generally, life was simple and only those who have business or who belong to the higher stratum of society had a television set, a radio and/or a car. In relation to what is being deliberated, the adults especially the so-called intellectuals are out of our league.

Like everyone else, we mature and in the process clarify and re-clarify our perspectives and principles in life. Now we have opinions that we are willing to defend and principles that our own lifestyles attest. The leaders we look up to are not automatically accepted as influencers. We have a say how the country and our families must be dealt with. We can now even say we are leaders or influencers ourselves. Still we are open to leaders whose ideals are my kind of charism.

This is where Barack Obama, the President of the United States comes in to the picture. He is my kind of leader, influencer. He is my kind of President although I am Filipino. Even his wife, Michelle, is my kind too and the way they nurture their two girls, Malia and Sasha although I am a Filipino wife and mom. In the end, we can only say we learn from each other. How about you?