“Ber” Months make us som”Ber”

Indeed “Ber” Months make us som”ber” but make us remem”Ber” to become a gi”Ver” 🙂

When a year comes and goes it takes a keen thinker to point a thing or two, its month names give us something to look forward after all. Just after the 8th month comes SeptemBer, a good time to think and prepare for the following months: OctoBer – birthdays of great men/women in our lives; NovemBer – month to give special homage to our beloved dead; DecemBer – Christmas time when Love is in the air everyday, everywhere . . .

Why som”Ber”? It may not be negative in tone but having lived all these past months, life takes a turn to feeling grateful and pay the gift forward. This perspective alone is worth the wait. Months go on but if one month allows us to take a new form of viewing the future, the rolling of time becomes a spiral development of where you intend your life to go!

The reality now is it is already September, 4th day of the month this part of the world called the Philippines, time to be som”Ber” but not necessarily passive rather it directs our minds to remem”Ber” how many more months to decide to become a gi”Ver” (y). Let us see each other down the way and say hello 🙂