Bukidnon Second Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BUSECO) vs. the continuing saga of dissatisfied clientele

Who said something about what a cooperative truly is? In connection with Bukidnon Second Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BUSECO) is it a genuine coop? The answer I got was not very clear. Something stood out though, BUSECO must do something about this otherwise it should rename itself! A cooperative is a venture of members who owns the enterprise. Every year, dividends are given back to the members as indicated in the By-Laws.

Take a look at their official receipt:  Experts, please explain . . .

Payment Details                                 Rate                                                 Amount

Generation energy charge                   6.0394                                                  869.67

Power Reduction Act                          -0.1105                                                     -15.91

Transmission Energy Charge             1.1926                                                      171.73

System Loss Charge                              0.9022                                                    129.92

Distribution Energy Charge                 0.5143                                                      74.06

Supply Energy Charge                           0.5828                                                     83.92

Metering Retail Customer Charge       5.0000                                                       5.00

Metering Energy Charge                        0.3669                                                    52.83

RFSC                                                            0.2508                                                  36.12

Additional RFSC                                        0.7419                                                 106.83

Lifeline Rate Subsidy Discount              0.1265                                                  18.22

Senior Citizen Subsidy Discount            0.0021                                                   0.30

Real Property Tax                                       0.0130                                                 1.87

(Business Tax?)

Generation                                                   0.3467                                                  49.92

Transmission                                              0.0035                                                      .50

System Loss                                                0.0445                                                    6.41

Distribution                                                 0.1200                                                  43.05

OTHERS                                                      0.1200                                                  2.22

NPC extended contract costs                  0.1938                                                  27.91

___Energy Development                        0.0017                                                    0.24

Missionary Electrification?                     0.1544                                                   22.23

Environmental Charges                           0.0025                                                    0.36


UC FIT-ALL  (?)                                        0.1240                                                  17.86

ICES Adi (?)                                                0.0000                                                  0.00


BILL AMOUNT                                                                                                      1,705.26


Add Surcharge                                                                                                             68.21


AMOUNT DUE                                                                                                  Ph   1,773.47


Did you go through every label? Did you understand what BUSECO IS CHARGING US WITH?

BUSECO cannot even let go of the discount charged when the deadline of discount falls on a Sunday and you had to pay on a Monday!!! so the consumer must pay extra 68.21 thereby making the amount 1,705.26 jump to 1,773.47.

BUSECO must be charged for all the amounts charged to us when we might not even be the ones to pay!

BUSECO must be penalized for all the inefficiencies done under the guise of unexpected brownouts/blackouts when it is part of the business venture.

BUSECO must be answerable to every consumer who has always accepted its frate as consumer when some other business investor can take over and give a much better service.

BUSECO must change its name for as a cooperative, one important principle is accountability to its members and distribute the profits among its co-owners.

PAGING:  Senator Miguel “Migz” Zubiri !!! Help us once again go through this injustice and give back to the people what is due them!!!