Election time is a tough time for relationships, value system and commitment

It is interesting to note that the United States of America really goes through a lengthy process to choose their President. It is already May but the Democratic -Americans and the Republican-Americans are still deciding who ther respective Presidential candidates are. Election time is still on November 2016.

Here in the Philippines, we have Presidential candidates who have the guts to apply. COMELEC (Commission on Elections) was given the task to cut down on the number of aspirants using their criteria. Finally we have five (5). To this day, we still see and hear the 5!

So why did I come to say “Election time is a tough time for relationships, value system and commitment?” I will just focus on 3. One, ON RELATIONSHIPS – Maybe because the political system is clouded with political dynasties, so too the relationships. We are reminded by Senator CHIZ ESCUDERO, a Vice-Presidential candidate himself, to avoid personal attacks because election time lasts only for a day and the day after is work for everyone. The elected officials need our help. Indeed, relationships are affected because all our families have “skeletons in the closet” and although it is supposed to be “off limits” nothing can stop the resourceful supporters of any candidate to really dig only the worst about every opponent.

Two, ON VALUE SYSTEM – Every candidate shows herself/himself as someone who is Filipino, trustworthy, honest and reliable. Then articles surface about the womanizing traits of a candidate; the bad-mouthing; the hidden wealth; the “pakitang tao” trait; the questionnable citizenship etc. While no one is spared, every candidate makes it a point to clear her/his name.

Three, ON COMMITMENT  – This is so personal no one can readily judge a candidate is committed or not. It also takes time so we rely on the wisdom of the voters to choose the best so there is little chance to question one’s commitment.

May 9, 2016 is just around the corner. Already the state of the election campaign is as hot as the weather.  While it is attributed to Climate Change it is also because the issues hurled at every opponent is as hot a potato can be.One just “googles” to find out personally where the campaign is going. As for me, it is best just to request: VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO LIVES UP TO THE 3 –  CREDIBLE WITH RELATIONSHIPS, VALUE SYSTEM AND COMMITMENT. I offer one name; FRANCIS ‘CHIZ’ ESCUDERO FOR VICE-PRESIDENT 😀