Epifanio De los Santos Avenue (EDSA) People Power 30th anniversary

2016-1986 = 30 so 30 years have passed since  the Filipino People banded together, right in Epifanio De los Santos Avenue (EDSA) to show People Power. This momentous event restored Democracy to the country. Today, February 25, 2016 is the 30th year anniversary celebration.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — The EDSA People Power Revolution Commission is gearing up for the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the historic uprising.

Organizers say this year’s celebrations will be grander than those before.

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With a theme title “Pagbabago: Ipinaglaban N’yo, Itutuloy Ko!” (“I will continue the change you fought for”) this year’s commemoration focuses on introducing the youth to the martial law years and the people power experience.

Its highlight is an experiential museum that will be set up along White Plains Avenue.

The museum will have nine halls that will feature the different facets of that period in Philippine history.

One hall will display images of those tortured during martial law, another will show images from the people power revolution.

The last hall will show President Benigno Aquino III via hologram asking the youth to continue the fight against corruption.

The public can visit the museum for free on February 25 and 26.

Several lanes of White Plains avenue will be closed to traffic from February 14 to 24 for the construction of the museum.

Other activities will include the traditional flag-raising ceremony at the people power monument and a launch of a graphic novel about the revolution.

The commission has also partnered with schools for dialogues that will feature people who lived thru martial law and participated in the revolution.

Commissioner Emily Abrera says everyone who wishes to speak is welcome, including Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and vice presidential candidate Gringo Honasan.

Enrile, defense minister at the time, began a military undertaking that sparked the people’s revolt.

Honasan helped Enrile as his chief security aide then.

The two are not aligned with the current administration but Abrera says the EDSA celebrations will not be tainted with politics.


Reflection: The Philippines has Elections this coming May. Ironically, the son of then President Ferdinand Marcos, Bongbong Marcos, is running as Vice-President, others term “a heart beat away from Presidency“. To add color to his candidacy is being paired with Presidential candidate, Miriam Defensor Santiago, who is critical of injustices!

But then this is left to the electorate to decide: to go on with a country where democracy is our life blood and should be protected at all cost or choose leaders who may have other motivations in mind and once again put the destiny of our Beloved Motherland in the hands of bullies or Leaders with “hidden agenda”.

There are commemorations because as persons we deal with memories, treasure them when these are major turning points and facilitate progress or major changes and discard them if they are too painful to bear. Usually however, whether good or bad, as realities of life, we go beyond pessimism and look ahead to a future that always becomes better with open minds and hearts.