Family dogs introduce you to a unique experience of love

For the longest time I tell as many of my friends how our family dog introduced me to a unique experience of love.  I do not deny that I never took care of dogs because dogs are not my type. Then an opportunity came when my daughter received her first gift in the form of a puppy. We called the puppy, Michael 1, instead of snowball as the owner named him. For many years, Michael taught me how to take care of him and love him with all my heart. From Davao City to Malaybalay City, Michael 1 traveled. He was our family dog, loved and pampered. Then one day we brought him to a vet to be groomed especially to have his nails cut. I could not remember the details now but I could still remember the day when I came home and found him dead. His paws got infected and we did not see how fast it had affected Michael so his death. I could still remember how I cried and cried and cried as though a family member died. In fact a family member did die.

Then came another gift to my daughter, another dog! We named him Michael 2 because M 1 and M2 have similar features. Michael is now 6 years old. This means Michael is now a “senior dog citizen.” For us however, he is the 6th member of the family. He knows when one of the family members is absent, he is sure to wait for his/her coming home! Imagine how Michael reacts when the person finally comes back. Michael loves each one of us and each one of us loves him in one’s special way.

We have varied reasons why we choose one pet and not another but whatever is your decision have one family pet at least. Like us, a family introduced us to a unique experience of love!!! The one in the picture is Michael 2, waiting for us to come home 🙂