Family of Bloggers and Travelers

This was not the case in the past. Like any family, most of the time is directed to providing for everyday needs and raising the children well. The drama of family life varies from one family to another but the underlying context is basically the same. Parental squabbles have been magnified and feasted upon by many a tv program for the pain and anguish every tension is released to every member of the family and its equally funny consequences that the tv program amplifies.

Then like any family, parents have in their hands grown up children who have lives of their own. Now, the parents become inadequate in dealing with them because every child has become an adult with own profile. The parents are lucky if through the years a bond has been implanted and so rooted, the scenarios in between their life setting, remain intact.

This was – and is –ย  the case with my family. We make it a point to write and travel a lot. Such that when there was an opportunity, the family went on an Asian tour. Hopefully, there will be another one in the offing. At the side, we write about our family adventure. No one had foreseen that this would be expressed in blogs and tweets which only this so-called millennial atmosphere has saturated the modern world with. It seems one of the qualifications of modern man is to have a Facebook account! Not to have one is tantamount to being archaic! Just as well for I have joined my children in exploring the Facebook and Twitter worlds.

It is safe to say we are a family of bloggers and travelers but we have not yet exhausted all possibilities so hang on – I will be back for more of this.

My Senior Citizen Mama And Asiaโ€™s Longest Dual Cable Zipline

We also make it a point to “eat out” as often as finances and time allow. It makes our blogs palatable and experiences full ๐Ÿ˜€ So travel, travel, travel . . . Life is a travel . . . Blog, blog, blog . . . Life is a blog ๐Ÿ˜€