This feeling called “mingaw” or “melancholic longing”

Every person is wired to be with people loved; to be deprived of this triggers the feeling called in our dialect “mingaw” or translated loosely as “melancholic longing“. It is undefinable in that its reach is so painful one has to become so busy so that literally you have something to vent on to let go of its hold on you. Mothers who gave birth to their children can identify with this or if you have not had this unique privilege, at least you have become a guardian or someone responsible for another life.

In a way, it is good we experience this depth of feelings because we are reminded of our mortality. Also take note: no one is exempted from this so no one can brag that life is different because of race, educational attainment or status in life. Furthermore one has to come to terms in one way or another with this reality or escapism sets in.

Usually this feeling comes when the view you are looking at reminds you of the person you miss or the place you are located at the moment drifts you to that “limbo” and uninvited ,the feeling comes in. Wise and prayerful people use this to meditate and invoke the presence of the Holy One who alone satisfies this angst. Do not be afraid if once in a while you must cry to let out this emptiness.

Thus, this feeling called “mingaw” or “melancholic longing” sets us apart from animals. We so love that to be away from loved ones is like being sent to a place called “nothingness “or “emptiness”. However, CHEER UP! With all our abilities and will, we are bound to bounce back. SMILE :}