New circle of acquaintances, new friends someday

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”  goes the saying. It even goes further with the idea: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” So who are your friends? Are they really your friends? Or did they become your friends because of the setting of your work place? Painful though it may be, it is usually the case. Your friends become your friends through the years of working together. In a way they remain acquaintances regardless of the many years spent together. Some you win; some you lose. Those you win are usually those with whom you get along fairly well and your relationships are tested by bits and pieces of scenarios that tell your gut you can live with them even beyond the usual routine. They are your friends. Some you lose because of some anecdotes that tell your inner being this person is “plastic in thought, word, deed”. Some are fair-weather friends. There are occasions too that confirm your observations. In a way, this is life so the more you settle with diplomacy, life goes on. When does the new circle of friends come in? When a major turning point is set before you: be it separation from work, transfer or retirement.

This new circle of friends is another lease at life! They can become your new friends someday!! This time you have many points to consider if acquaintances remain as acquaintances or they can become friends someday.This tells us the continuous spiral development of life at any stage. Still nothing beats going back to your family where your siblings are not just members of your family but are also your primary friends!