Love, Engagement,Wedding and then grandchild – WOW!

It is normal to fall in love just as it is normal to fall out of love. Some are fortunate for after a failed relationship which lasted for many years, another comes along and before long the lovebirds get engaged. After a few years, destiny decided it for them not to wait for too long – a baby knocks in the lady’s womb- the manifestation of the great love- and so very soon, the couple will marry in the Church.

There I am – and here and now, am writing the love story of my youngest, the first to get married and the first to give me a grandchild! Thank you God for everything with love.

Ah love, you are a mystery but always a gift. With love tested by life’s ups and downs and overcomes its tests, engagement is inevitable. With faith comes a strong decision to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony to make the covenant not only of man/woman but in the eyes of God. Then lo and behold! the greatest gift comes to fruition and a child is about to be born.

Expect me to wait for the big day to come and expect me to say much by then. For now, allow me just to savor all the blessings!!!