How do you cope with so many crimes that seem to engulf your surroundings?

This question is not entirely new but because it is becoming an everyday reality, it is asked again and again. So it is 2017, the question is still relevant and real as real can be: How do we cope with so many crimes that seem to engulf our surroundings?

How real is real . .  ? The best source is the tv set which almost, if not every home, has in the living room. It is more effective if it is cable connected so at the click of your finger, you go through the channels, as though going through all the countries of the world! This for me is one of the best gifts of advance & high technology. Then, if you have a Facebook account, you can ask your friends what they can say about your blog posts. Even better, if you have instagram and twitter accounts!

So back to the main question: how do we cope with what besets us? The most practical is to take the problems as they are without accepting it as all-embracing or all-consuming! Life will always have problems and some of these problems are the crimes caused by so many factors. The next move is to try to make our homes more peaceful. Help each other make family issues not all there is. One’s family is a safe place to find a place where even problems get catalyzed. Love begins at home so crimes may be prevented from cruising so fast.

Let us be hopeful, with the New Year. 2017 can always be a venue to find a rainbow in our own homes!