I think I was an American in my “other life” . . .

Call it a dream but anytime now, my dream will be fulfilled by my daughter. Not that she has not already. After all she is an International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) grantee.  She already met President Barack Obama in person ! Now she will go back to United States of America as a tourist in time for her birthday, at 40!

What is it with America that I would like to be there in my lifetime?

There were and are many good people I came across in my life but in connection with what I am trying to blog about, most of them happened to be Americans. Most of these heroes in my life belonged to the Society of Jesus: Fr. Paul Finster,  Fr. Bob Hogan, Fr. James Meehan to name some. Like most of the Filipinos, I really thought all foreigners are Americans! So we call every foreigner, Joe and Joe is American.

Being an avid American fan, I like to speak English and in the course of time, as an emcee, I do find it advantageous to speak with enthusiasm using the English Language. I hope someday I will not just speak English around the Philippines but speak the language right there in America.

In the meantime I am already very happy my only girl will achieve my dream. Being 66 years old, I may not be able to see America in person but with God, who knows?

I may not be able to explain exhaustively why I love America but I am pretty sure I am speaking from my heart when I claim I was American in my “other life”.