January makes every person renewed and rejuvenated

Janus, the God of beginnings and transitions, makes every person renewed and rejuvenated. As though it makes every day of the month a day of starting all over again and finds in the minutes and hours, opportunities to look for greener pasture. In a way I like January. It makes the days ever new and allows for start ups and perks.

For the elderly, all the more January is their favorite month. It tells them a year has passed by and another year has just arrived. Then it opens them to what should be done for more ways to live better and more enjoyable times while life has been extended.

For the young, January is a most welcome year to conquer everything that is available. Choices are abundant and the young blood is needed in many an undertaking. So many things are in the offing.

The professionals are most fortunate for January means newness in all its grandeur. The establishments usually give the professionals all the seminars and team building sessions to start the year right! Having been there for more than forty years of my young life, I know very clearly that when there is an opening to exhaust all avenues grab it. Would you believe, I availed of two retirements: the first was optional where I received minimal amount because it was optional and the establishment was a private institution; the second was mandatory and again I received minimal amount because I worked only for 13 years and the minimum requirement for public institutions was 15 and I could not even extend because I already turned 65 and to reach such age nit was mandatory to retire! What a  dilemma!

So I like January because it makes every person renewed and rejuvenated. Sail on with January!!!