Germa Moreno “Kuya Germs” of GMA’s “Walang Tulugan” has slept peacefully

If you like to talk about “rags to riches“,German Moreno or Kuya Germs  is the person to beat. He worked as janitor of a theatre where years later, he became one of its biggest stars (y). He went through life as though known by everyone and many identified with him because of the way he would insist on hard work and loyalty. He discovered young talents and honed their skills for their own good. He took care of as many young to give them chances to bloom and become useful citizens of the world. Now, he passed away quietly . . . and God is now the one going to take care of him forever.

For us, the life of Kuya Germs is an inspiration. Mothers should love their children and should still be said as a reminder especially nowadays when parents have become so busy their families are left to chance. As citizens of the world, we have many chances of reaching out to people who need brotherly/sisterly concern. What the world needs now is love 😀 and although like a cliche, its manifestation is always a new invention 🙂