Legal semantics, Jurisprudence beyond our reach but it is for us?

How do you manage legal semantics? jurisprudence? It seems out of our reach and to think it is for us!

Politics is one arena where even the long accepted terms become jumbled and nobody knows what is the correct interpretation. So comes jurisprudence to shed light but it will mean all the court divisions up to the Supreme Court. It will mean a long time coming. The legal mantra is “Dura lex sed lex” . (The law is difficult but it is the law). So who can beat this kind of perspective especially the ordinary mortals?

Every concerned Filipino voter is concerned because it will determine our country’s future. While there are many issues that haunt the country’s leaders including us, the ordinary mortals, this coming Election in 2016 is foremost in our minds.

So please bear with us if most of our blogs revolves around this scenario – before it is too late.

Today however, being December 25, 2015, allow me to greet you my beloved readers: Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year come January 1, 2016 (y)


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