What makes your day tick?

Life is both exciting and depressing! Exciting it is when you are able to laugh off whatever comes; depressing when you are besieged by negative thoughts and pessimism. Exciting it is when whatever money you have you are thankful  for the blessings that come, cents, pesos, hundreds; depressing when you squander whatever little you have and keep on murmuring. Exciting when you think of life after death therefore you have a heart to be generous and look kindly at others; depressing when all you see is the evil in others, darkness and damnation.

So what makes your day tick? It begins with your attitude. It is augmented by your house which is a home. But most of all it is when you sit and just think of the children who go about their affairs and they are doing fairly well. Your day ticks only as much as you “tick” it to be  . . . Begin and end with praises and gratitude to Father God who is behind all the “ticking” in your life.