Love? Life? Simple terms . . . short words so what is the big deal? The big deal is precisely its being simple and being four-lettered. Let me begin this way. . .

Love is life; life is love. One cannot exist without the other. This is contextualized in the love of your life.You are born and like everyone else, you grow and gradually become who you have become. You graduate and look for your own niche. Everything looks fine and according to your vision, mission and objectives. Then one day, you have these questions: Is this what life is going to be for years to come? Is there someone I am going to meet sometime in the future? Am I in fact already in this quest? Questions that seem to find its answer in the person who occupies your thoughts nowadays: the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. Stories are endless how phenomena work for every pair. Just as no one is exactly like another so too the love story of two unique individuals destined by fate or plan to become one’s love of life.

When finally you know, as in KNOW IN YOUR GUT, that the person is the one, a major decision, a turning point so to speak will engulf your days and nights. Through prayers and guidance from the Almighty, the light will shine in your moments of meditation. With all the aspects falling into place: interests, maturity, religion, feelings, financial capability, LOVE for the OTHER unsurpassed by other loves – you are in the presence of the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

Some are lucky – they live life through the many years of marital bliss and fire. They hold each other’s hands as they go through the pages of their grown children’s own love stories. Others have to be alone in rearing their unborn child since the father has been killed as a fallen soldier. The testimonies are endless and only God knows how each one goes through the ordeal. But because the person is the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, whatever the story is, HAPPY OR NOT, it is worth living for. “It is better to have loved and lost than not having loved at all.”

Have you met the LOVE of your LIFE?