Get Lucky any day yet how does luck come along?

Wherever you go, raffle draws plague your eyes. The prizes range from “a date with a star” to huge sums of money. Many try lotto; others sweepstakes;others e-games; a number patiently go to bingo games everyday while the rest wait for the results of the raffle draws.  Do these people ever win? Why are some lucky? others not? others never at all? How does luck come along?

Questions, questions, questions . . . Perennial questions center on getting the luck any day or once in a while. . .Any food for thought? Perhaps  these can come as lucky tips: 1) Prepare your mind set to win; 2) Work at becoming lucky for the game you are playing; 3) It is still practical to use the cliche: “if at first you do not succeed, try again”; 4) Enjoy the e-games, the bingo, the raffle draws; 5) Have enough cash since money is needed – no money, no game, no win:); 6) Wear your lucky bracelet, blouse/slacks, any sort of “amulet” just to have hope you will win; and 7) Do not forget to say thank you to your lucky star, “good people up there”.

Do you sense the luck now? Are your hands “itchy”? Any unusual urge of shouting hurray? Perhaps you are getting the  luck premonition so go! Good Luck!!