Migrant Crisis: sin of mankind

We can always turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to what you see or hear. Maybe we can do it once in a while but when there are so many going homeless, crying out of hunger or hopelessness sooner or later, something has to give. A  quick search using google.com gives us a glimpse of the crisis. As the term connotes, crisis is a huge phenomenon that is happening in many places. Google differentiates crisis from migration. Let us not go into semantics but what this situation tells in reality – that any crisis is a manifestation of the sin of persons. If you do not like the word sin, let it be man’s indifference.

We have crisis in the family, in school, in businesses, in every town, city, country and all these are replicated in bigger numbers all over the world. We have to pray for each other. We should try to help when able and do it regardless of race, religion, status. Indeed, every person is our neighbor.