Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

It is a welcome thought that the movie famous for impossible stunts has a very possible message: you take care of your own – protect your friend from enemies, from harm. Equally nice to see is the loyalty they give to Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) : someone who ultimately knows what is best for the group.

While it is not easy to accept the treachery that exists in government agencies, it is not impossible to believe that treachery happens where people are involved. The idea of Rogue Nation is a facet every institution has to be prepared for. Being Rogue can begin small and go up the ladder. As it were, leaders should always be ready for the worst and Plan B is second nature with human undertakings.

As always, movies where Tom Cruise heads the cast always delivers, so one’s money is not wasted on a so-so movie.It has to be acknowledged though that  going to the movie is not exactly cheap what with the snacks one has to buy. Imagine if there were four of you: 4 sandwiches,  2 orders of  fries, 4 glasses of softdrinks or juices – big snacks  during the movie. Once the movie ends it is already past 8 in the evening so it is time for late supper. Another necessary expense . . .  but in the overall, it is Sunday and if bonding has to be had, then all these are part and parcel of what must be!

Mission Impossible, as a movie, tells us not to go rogue as a family; it is always apt to pay extra for something worth everybody’s time. “Welcome to Indispensable Management Family (IMF)” 🙂

Movies, like life, make us laugh, cry, reflect deep within

There are movies and there are MOVIES. When you finally watch a MOVIE, your life changes for the better! MOVIES, like LIFE, make us laugh, cry and most especially REFLECT DEEP WITHIN OUR BEING. When this happens, your world becomes bigger and your awareness becomes deeper.

Take the movie, “Ant-Man”: Seen in 3-D version  in IMAX theatre, your world goes through the intricacy of being effective both as an ant-man or man-man/woman-woman. While it is comics-inspired, the message is for you and me: the reality of greed is real and that love alone conquers this sin of persons. In the case of Ant-Man, many sequences are awesome but fiction; yet when the father commits his love for his daughter against all odds, we identify with it. If your heart is weak, you can cry because we love our children. We are willing to die for them. Imagine Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) would have stayed in Nothingness (though it may not exist!) but the voice of Cassie reverberates and reaches his consciousness and this alone inspires him to come back to earth!

Take another movie, inspired by a true story: “A Good Lie”. The lives of the Sudanese refugees would make you count your blessings yet in many ways agree with the trials and challenges that come with war and conflict. I admired Reese Weatherspoon for accepting such a role and stayed like a supporting cast so that the message of the refugees could be highlighted. I cried many times as a mother, as a teacher, as a sister to many siblings and as a human being. Notwithstanding the implications of the title of the movie which is misleading, life does make you tell a  good lie in your lifetime. If you have not, perhaps you are still very young but whether you like it or not, you will come to this cross-road sometimes when your life depends on it. In fact the movie ended with the good lie: to give his passport with the photo of the brother who saved all their lives when they were in the field and soldiers were around to kill anyone who moved so his brother stood up and told the soldiers he was lost and alone. After all, Mamere had always wanted to become a doctor and although never became one, was always a good volunteer to treat the wounded and the sick. A good lie which brought all his brothers and sister together in the United States of America, a land where dreams are made real. No matter what we think of the Americans, they are really great missionaries and advocates of democracy and freedom.

Go see a movie today. You deserve one!! You do not only laugh or cry but you can reflect on life’s rewards too!!!