OneHappyStory celebrates a happy event in his life: his birthday :D


Once a year, an event comes along – one’s birthday. His occupation however is focused on taking photos of brides and grooms – when as he fondly terms it, their OneHappyStory begins with OHS. Today, March 5, Saturday, is theĀ  birthday of this guy and to him this poem is dedicated.

The OneHappyStory of the Celebrator on his Birthday

He would always request me to tell him a story

And would not settle for anything less

So a story I must have or he remains restless

Who could have foreseen that this little boy

Would someday make an occupation of telling OneHappyStory.

On this day when the Storyteller celebrates his natal day

Prayers for him that he will stay persistently intent

Wishes that life with all its colors make him content

Keep up the mission and spread the joy

Your photography is OneHappyStory.

Happy Birthday Bon!!!