“Orange is the New Black” blew my mind

For a long time we watched “Friends” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” interspersed with “Good Wife” and House of Cards” and if at all possible “House of Cards”. We laughed; we cried; we got mad; we were afraid and so on and so forth.Then, my children introduced me to “Orange is the New Black” with a warning: Mom, be prepared with bad language and many sex scenes. Twenty episodes and through it all, it blew my mind. At the outset, I was informed it won as best tv series and all I could do is find out why it is worthy of the award.

Every character lived up to the role that you gobbled the 20 episodes like a page to another. One very glaring reality is the openness to homosexual relationships and acceptance of all possible never before accepted human actuation. The sex scenes will really confront you to your face that if you are not ready you will go berserk with disgust or felt attacked with  your long accepted ethical principles settled according to your religion.

What are the implications once a film blows your mind? 1) It forces you to go out of your comfort zone; 2) It tells you once again that there is no end to learning new realities; 3) It transports you to another realm and makes you wonder if your children are bothered by it or are beset by it or God forbid, be part of it and 4) It allows you to stop labeling incidents and if you do, leave some for possible changes.