Pope Francis and Leonardo di Caprio have common advocacy: Environment

When Pope Francis came to the Philippines he made the Filipinos realize that as a people we can do great things. As the only Christian country in Asia, the Filipinos lived up to the challenge of praying with the Pope and showing the world Catholic Faith is in good hands. While the Pope stayed in the country, he experienced good and bad weather. He visited the victims in Tacloban amid turbulent weather. Up to now, we could only rejoice that nothing happened bad to the Pope. In fact Pope Francis becomes more endearing when he requests us to pray for him. Also when he has a chance he always talks about Climate Change and an urgent plea to all of us to take care of Mother Earth.

Leonardo di Caprio produced and narrated the 11th Hour, a documentary film about Climate Change and other issues that deal with the Environment. Li ke Al Gore’s documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth”, every person is urged to express more concern and more attention to where we are. We have only one earth and this Earth has been ailing for a long time. While Gore’s presentation is more academic, di Caprio’s is dramatic. This might be attributed to the fact that di Caprio is an actor while Gore was then the Vice-President of the United States of America. Whatever the slant, the message is basically the same, that all these environmental phenomena are happening and that since we caused it then certainly we must take the consequences responsibly and proactively. The time is now before the 11th hour passes by and it is too late. All these scenarios may make us uncomfortable but it is the Truth, Inconvenient it may be.

Pope Francis – Leonardo di Caprio, an unlikely pair but a very strong force to inspire us to act NOW.

Did you watch the clip? Oscar-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio stopped by the Vatican today:

Posted by Catholic News Agency on Thursday, January 28, 2016