Recipe for longevity, if you may call it

At 6 years old, scientists and researchers claim that the child is in fact already an “adult” in formation.

From this period onwards, the child grows gradually and maturely but with longevity so far in the future.

Why then this attempt at a recipe for longevity, if I may call it?

Just to record and document while I am one of those who have lived for son many decades and for what?

Am I in a better position than anyone younger than me for many years?

Yes and no. Yes, because if a day is already an edge, how much more 60 plus more?

Definitely I am in a better position if only in hindsight.

Experience allows me to forecast what the possibilities are although not necessarily always true.


Take an optimistic and positive perspective about the totality of a life well lived;

Sprinkle as much as you can of writing, journalizing if only to go back to it at some point ahead;

Glasses and glasses of water to keep your body healthy and strong;

Reading or surfing to view how the other side of the world made it this long;

Keep on smiling amid the trials that are never in scarcity;

Praise friends and foe alike if only for your sanity;

Alas, accept the reality that longevity is not your property 😀