Secret to being 66 years old this July 1 yet very young as always

Secret? It may or may  not be for everything if not most of the experiences we have are basically the same so the word secret is just for show!

So what if you have reached 66 years old? Certainly not everyone reaches this state in life so in this sense there is reason to state there is an element of secrecy. After all, life begins at forty.

Let us just say if one reaches 66, the height of mortality may be high but the extent of confidence at knowing different facts of life elevate  senior citizens and set them apart from many.

At a time when the world is giving us so many trials, much depends on one’s principle of life. This way of coping alone is one edge of the elderly for every reality is relative and is anchored on a belief system that is rooted on one’s longevity.

This is to say then that the secret to being 66 years old yet very young as always hinges on the capacity to let go for one’s sanity. Over and above too is one’s belief in the Almighty for life itself is a gift.

To fellow sixty-sixers and below or beyond, let us take comfort in this if only to make sense of getting old in physical mode but wise in thought system.

Go and seize the day whatever is your age for we only live once !