Seminar-Workshop on Blogging and Social Media: Its Role on Global Awareness

When the idea of young students, college level, being given knowledge on Blogging and Social Media, the first formulation of the theme was: Blogging and Social Media: Its Impact on Global Education. This was inspired by the fact that in fact the young students who would then become the participants are taking Education.

So it finally happened last February 8, 2017 and  true enough the response was positive. Worthy to note was the eagerness by which the students manifested in learning all about Blogging and Social Media. In the same scenario however was the sad plight of our schools where internet connection does not live up to the speed ardently needed if Blogging and Social Media were to be given justice. So the seminar-workshop, while wanting to level up to its demands all had to make do even if the stark reality remained that it could have been better if the gadgets and the internet connection were equally functional. Still as in most cases, the intensity and eagerness of students to try amidst the weak balance more or less filled the void that technology could have swiftly mitigated.

For the succeeding similar endeavor, the shift is to consider Blogging and Social Media: Its Role on Global Awareness. The initial plan is to hold it this coming February 25 or 26, 2017 in time for the Kaamulan Festival  in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Northern Philippines. Anyone interested to join us? Perhaps a Webinar after Bukidnon and by then you will be a participant? Maayad Ha Pag-uma!