Daily routine becomes special moments for senior citizens, retirees

When you are young, the world is a place to discover and conquer. All of us go through this incessant struggle to do better and if possible excel in almost, if not, everything. Then the days become weeks, the weeks to months, months to years then your hair turns gray and alas! you become a senior citizen and a retiree (: How did this happen? What have I achieved? So many pent up emotions that remain unfulfilled. Gone are the days when you wake up and you are raring to go for any challenge. One realization stands out when your body aches more painfully and what a drag it is to go about the daily routine. The daily routine becomes special moments moments for senior citizens and retirees.

I should know because I am one 🙂 So with the strong will that could be mustered, I go about the daily routine not as something that can still be done unhurriedly but as though to “seize the day”! Activities are lined up for exciting plans like: 1) travel dates; 2) movies to see; 3) plants to buy and plant and grow; 4) clean all nooks and rarely cleaned areas inside and outside the home; 5) talk in depth with grown children about their plans and what you can do to help facilitate it; 6) learn new avenues like baking, trying new recipes and the like; 7) perfect recipes for grandchildren like my special ribs soup a la reina; and  8) blog until forever . . .

Then you look around and what do I see? My students and other young people who are fixed on doing this and that as though it is everything when they are hardly where life prods them on. It is because they have all the time in the world while here I am saying even the daily routine becomes special moments  . . . More so, when you are a senior citizen and a retiree, make sure you have saved “for the rainy day”. Do not rely on dole outs from children because when they do not help, your heart will be crashed. You easily cry once you become a “dual citizen“.

This is the AHA MOMENT every person must experience. Do not worry for you can already be forewarned. Now you have the edge, you have the time before you and you are forearmed . . . go girl! go son!

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