September 11 happened and will happen again if . . .

September 11 happened but it will happen again if . . .

. . . a person continues to hate;

. . . families give up on good values and open itself to over-liberal way of living;

. . . countries insist on giving priority to progress at the expense of ecological disaster and materialism;

. . . corruption stays rooted in our political leaders’ concept of service

. . .persons forget our roles as stewards of this temporary world;

. . . every person continues to hate.

9/11 happened in real time but to this day, it haunts us why it actually happened. Having seen the way it happened on television, at CNN, while it was happening, my eyes were transfixed, my mouth wide open with horror and my mind hoping against hope it was not real.

My salute to the Americans for Ground Zero. As always, USA pays tribute to  their citizens with such dignitythe grieving families may still be hurt but know in their hearts, their government did not leave them in their moments of grief.

September 11, 9/11, happened but it need not happen again and it MUST NEVER HAPPEN EVER.