OnLine shopping is here to stay

Shopping online or as we came to search later on is aptly called “Online shopping” isĀ  a foreign notion for most people. Usually even the idea of internet transaction is like talking about something out of this world.

“Online shopping (sometimes known as e-tail from “electronic retail” or e-shopping) is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser” as our google search tells us. The points to consider subsequently are its advantages and disadvantages. Upon search, some of its pluses are convenience especially for mothers with little ones; pressure-free in dealing with overeager salespersons and chance to look for reviews whether the goods are really useful and worth your money. Its minuses however are the inability to try the object; inability to talk to persons of authority as soon as possible and less privacy and security of the transaction.

The most that employees avail of is calling home network (tv shopping) to order some appliances and have it delivered and payment is done upon receipt of the ordered goods. So we did it and thus far, we bought pillows, vacuum cleaner, garden hoses, cooking utensils. When we felt there were problems, the courier could not answer us readily so we just had to hope the next object is better. Even the one who receives our call cannot satisfy our queries but we still ordered, funny?

So no wonder Shopping online – rather Online shopping – is here to stay . . . Do try it now . . .