Sickening news seen right there in your living room

There are many inventions that modern technology has made possible. The television is one of these, such that the remote or clicker alone shows you many things that are happening all over the world. However, not everything that is shown is pleasing to our eyes. Rather sickening news stare at us right there on screen, right there in your living room.

These sickening news make you sigh with disgust, dismay, disillusionment as to the evil air that plagues the world. One scenario talks of a young man who stabbed the lady who resides in one condo unit. When asked why he had to stab the lady more than 17 times, his lame excuse was he was belittled by her. Then, there was this passenger van that stopped by a  house where a big man thought the vehicle was there to harm him so he shot the driver and another passenger, a lady, was also shot on the head. Other passengers were wounded and brought to the hospital. How about the robbery and murder cases which are regularly done by those “riding in tandem”. We are not even talking yet about the on-going conflict in Syria, tension between the North and South Korea, Iran situation because of the complexity of the contexts.

All over the world, we see, hear or read varying degrees of racism, disparity between the rich and the poor, between the developed countries and the developing nations, usually labelled first world vs. third world. Sickening news pieces are inevitable due to the extreme wealth against extreme poverty which drive its citizens to greed or to secure semblance of sanity amidst hunger. One only has to view a film to be enlightened how people can be made by the same God but ironically live lives without caring for the less fortunate. One only has to really open one’s eyes to be consciously aware.

Sickening news seen right there in your living room may be viewed as not sickening enough by others but whether or not we differ in perspectives or analysis, the bottom line is that we see all at once the sad state of human affairs. Nothing seems sacred anymore. Even the children are not spared such that the sickening news become more sickening when they are the victims. We want to call the high heavens to strike the culprit right then and there if only to maintain the hope that there is a God who someday will bring to justice these sadists, masochists, rapists, murderers, robbers, pedophiles, terrorists, suicide bombers, drug addicts who kill and all others who inflict pain on the innocent victims.

May God still love us and forgive us. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.