Simple lifestyle is one key to happiness

In a world that has been made complex by advance technology, simple lifestyle is the key to balance off things and remain sane. Look at cellphones: almost everyone has it but those who do not have one, aren’t their lives less bothersome? Once you have a cellphone, you are besieged by messages that demand your constant attention or it will keep calling your attention. Sometimes, it gives you good news and sometimes unsolicited news that breaks your heart.

Then there are androids, laptops, notebook and desk computers. Anyone above 50 years old are just scared of it. Some left this world without knowing how it works yet their lives were really better off without these so-called gadgets to keep pace with the fast-changing world. Having been introduced to apps and especially the world of blogging is not really mind bogging all the time but it is really a different lifestyle for me. Simplicity when it comes to what truly matters is still the key.

So what is simple lifestyle? It is sticking to genuine realities. It is an awareness that everything comes to pass and that when there is an accounting of what you have really done in life, you are able to easily say I have chosen the “road less traveled” which is in fact what simple lifestyle is all about.

Try it in your own life- calling.  Begin at home. Begin with yourself and your God. There is truth to the saying: “Simplicity is beauty” and I hasten to add” Simple lifestyle is one key to happiness 🙂