Slice of the world picture project: day one

As one grows older, there is a hunger borne out of one’s experiences especially those which are painfully and unbearably against one’s value system. Partly to blame (or thank) is the onset of cable experience. You just have to sit in front of the tv and surf through the channels.

Going through the tv channels, like CNN which I really religiously follow, you become aware of what is happening to the other side of the world. After hours of watching, your senses tell you the world is the same in some areas: violence is real; poverty is present even in the so-called first world (since there are second and third worlds!); war is everywhere we need not wait for World War III; sprinkling of brotherhood and sisterhood among peoples; signs of love and peace regardless of race and status in life.

So let us do this project. Allow this move to present slices of the world picture, one day at a time.