Social Security System Pensioners denied their 2K increase by President Aquino

Imagine paying your premiums to Social Security System for 10 years. Then time for retirement comes and the computation for your monthly pension is 1,200K. Somehow, the families manage and that is the wonder of it all. Still, one legislator came up with a bill to increase the pension to 2K more. Rejoice! The months pass by and the date to look forward to is January 14, 2016. After much waiting and expecting, the day finally comes. But alas! the very person who is supposed  to pursue it since he calls the citizenry his bosses is the first one in fact to veto it.

The faces of the pensioners are just sickening to watch as I fully know well because I am a pensioner myself. So we go to social media to ventilate our anger. I write in Facebook:

“Another insensitivity, another PALPAK na analysis of the People’s pulse and needs especially those of the Senior Citizens and the Pensioners – to veto the increase of the SSS pension to a measly 2000 pesos. Why President Pinoy? Is it because you are single? You are rich and has enough money to last your lifetime? How about the pensioner who said she needs 2000 pesos every month because “may sakit siya sa puso”? How about those who still have children to send to school? With all the millions and billions of pesos that go to corruption, every pensioner deserves more importance than all the reasons why the increase has to be vetoed.
Take time to listen very intensely and attentively to the instant feedback of the pensioners.The least you could have done as suggested by Senator Escudero is to just let it be.

May you be haunted by your conscience.”

Then another blog is posted:

“It is very sad and it is another proof of how alienated our President is from the actual situation of his BOSS (ES). If we are his boss (es), why is he not listening? Lip-service?”

Francis Chiz Escudero

It is saddening because our SSS pensioners have waited long enough for this measure.

There is no better time than now to have the SSS pension hike bill enacted into law, and I urge my colleagues in the Senate and members of the House of Representatives to do the right thing and vote to override the President’s ill-advised veto of this bill.

We need to muster the two-thirds majority vote to override the veto. It may be difficult but we will try for the sake of our SSS pensioners.

Social Security System Pensioners denied 2K increase by no less than President Aquino. Very sad day . . .