A roller coaster of events: something has to give!

One instance, a regular cable tv viewer navigates the various channels to be updated. The news keeps coming but the atmosphere is not an encouraging one but a battery of information telling the regular viewer, chaos is everywhere in all corners of the world.

There should be a tv channel that is focused on positive happenings. A channel that greets the viewer as often as possible the world is still habitable for one’s sanity. This however is out of reach. It might never exist for the advertisements rule the content of tv viewing.

All this roller coaster of events is fast becoming a daily occurrence, something has to give! What gives? Crimes become more the trend not the exception. The young people are not as courteous even with the senior citizens. If a bus is filled with passengers and the senior citizen wants to take the ride because of a personal reason, the young people who are aware that this elderly is standing will not offer the seat because logically they say, the bus management should not accommodate more than what it can. The problem is not with young people availing of what they paid for – they claim and they are correct. Wars are so “live” on tv that the deaths are viewed right before our eyes. The bodies litter on the streets and the bombings and killings are treated as though it is a necessary result of the hatred and indifference that engulf every battle of pride and quest for power.

With the gloomy state of affairs what gives? More than what can be worded for in the way things turn out, this world is going to doomsday. We just have to prepare for the day when we are the victims and pray that God understands what we have done and what we have not dared to do.

The roller coaster of events is painful but for the remaining years we have in this world, we can hold on to anything that is good whether at home, in the workplace or on the streets. Desiderata reminds us: ” . . . for the world is full of trickery . . . but let this not blind you to what virtue there is. For all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. BE HAPPY!”