The world of the Senior Citizens as viewed by a senior citizen

The use of the term, world, is by itself worth discussing. From this viewpoint world refers to the sphere that senior citizens, the 60 plus years old persons, are proned to experiencing. This is the reason why this world is one which only senior citizens fully understand and no other.

Being 65 years old myself, how do I perceive the world around me compared to the one I know before my seniorhood?

One: the world has become clearly a transitory place! This is to say that this world is only material and sooner or later, we have to be ready for a life “after” death;

Two: As a senior citizen, one has to be more focused with a hobby or anything that goes beyond plain sitting down or just staying idle. This is to say that the world is “at your fingertips“. In my case I am very happy with my garden. However small an area for as long as you have devoted time to plant anything of your choice and taking care of it, this is your world that you can spend time for as long as you want at a time you like;

Three: Be a member of an organization – spiritual, civic or social. Our experience can be a plus factor such that the organization should be happy you are part of it. This is to say that this world is a time to “pay it forward“. The more you find yourself living for something greater and better but not for your sake, the more your life is worth living;

Four: Stay healthy no matter the state of your health. This is to say that one way or the other, you should respect the basic rules of staying fit: walk for at least 10,000 or more steps a day, no matter how you do it, one time or more time, but try. This is to say that this world is a time to relax but be active. Do not be stifled by your fears even if it is lurking in our consciousness because our age is “fearfully more than half a century“;

Five: Be grateful for your family, the years and the memories. This is to say that this world is far greater than our existence. It is a world that we cannot stop even if we like to. Only the Creator has the power to do so.

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