Donald Trump of United States vs. Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines- What a pair of new breed of leaders

Both newly elected, these two leaders coming from definitely worlds apart of places of leadership – yet with what they have done in such short span of time – are stories to be told for long times to come.

Take Donald Trump of the United States of America . . . In barely a week into his Presidency, all the scenarios are causing complete overhaul that protests are the ordinary reactions to the shocking courses of action. Imagine his appointees who are not immediately the favorites of most Americans, their appointments are not smoothly facilitated. Then most recently his executive order to ban travelers from Iran, Iraq, Yemen,Syria, Sudan, Libya and Somalia – at least for 90 days. New refugee admissions according to our source are suspended for 120 days. The discussions are only beginning. Expect the Democratic Party to counter this with protests which have begun in the Supreme Court.

On the part of Rodrigo Duterte, he began right away with war on drugs. The promise to end it in 3 months became 6 months and now he is saying it will last all the four years of his administration. Nobody can go against his wishes because the Filipinos themselves were unaware of the extent drugs have affected the society. Then there is corruption which is everywhere. Even the way Duterte calls Press Conferences would really make journalists scratch their heads, for it could be held in the morning or in the afternoon or at 12:00 in the evening to early dawn.

Now and in the days to come, only God knows how things will turn out. In the meantime the ordinary citizen is at the mercy of these leaders who are supposed to be the servants of the people. But since they are now the leaders, all we can do is pray that this new breed of leaders is a breed destined to help not destroy.