Love, Love, LOVE especially today, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day!

The day is almost over but luck is not altogether (11:45 p.m.) gone for our wi-fi connection worked up to speed and so here goes: Love, LoVe, LOVE especially today, February 14, 2017, Tuesday, Valentine’s Day! and to you , please accept my love and greeting: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Like events which time has always honored, Valentine’s Day once again tells us the essence of Love and how Love encompasses and overwhelms us if only to give special nuance to an otherwise ordinary day.

The world nowadays is disseminating division instead of unity; exclusion instead of inclusion and the like. The ray of light however remains steadfast that no matter what, Love Triumphs (not “Trumps”)at the end.

Social media make it possible to hear every leader instantly and when the announcement borders on bad, the social media will be there to relay as soon as possible. Whether we use social media or not is no longer here nor there for the world catches up and for good or for bad, we are under the mercy of our world leaders’ motivations.

In the meantime, let us just focus on Love, Love, LOVE this Valentine’s Day. To Love be the glory Today for after all Love is God.