Getting sick after all the fun and joyous moments – what are the causes?

It is really unbelievable that my daughter got sick after we had the whole day of fun and joyous moments since our youngest just got married! When I was nursing her to health, I felt so incapable and hopeless as to what to do. Of course, the easiest solution could ave been to bring her to the hospital but in her case if it could be helped, we would rather do everything first and then if nothing would show that she was rested then hospital it had to be.

This boils down to the realization that there are many reasons for getting sick. Some are purely physical but some may not be. What then are some of the causes when there was no proof of physical weakness since as already contextualized the day was all fun and joyous. What went wrong?

How about if I would dare say it was like “bad wind” from an atmosphere that was not very homey? This would refer to a hotel accommodation courtesy of a sponsor. We stayed for a day so it was grand. Since it is New Year celebration, January 28, 2017, the following day, the accommodation included free buffet breakfast. What was supposed to be lavish morning meal became the main reason for the sickness of my daughter. When we arrived home, she just became so ill and began vomiting. She had chills and really the details were so shocking I was left helpless and dumbfounded.

That after all the Pranic healing and some medicines, my daughter is now sleeping well is an understatement. I dare say, my daughter was a victim of food poisoning coupled with “evil” air that seemed to engulf us when we entered the dining room of a top-rated hotel. The ambiance was not good at all, there was “evil” spirit that surrounded the place. May all these evil strands be damned and never to return.

Someday, I hope to share with some parents how to learn how to use PRANIC HEALING and if at all possible, always dabble your nursing with Tender Loving Care.

To God, I say thank you for all the love and generosity. Praised be Mary, Joseph and Jesus!

To Chevy, thank you for being with me when I felt so alone in doing my healing. To Bon, who gave us inspiring words while afar. To Ben who had to be working for an activity but saw us earlier just to be together this Chinese New Year. But most especially to God for the Healing Love, our sole protector when days like this are so much to handle.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam! For the Greater Glory of God!!