Here we go-SWPP Countdown – “Dual Citizenship”


As we begin any day, we also begin another attempt at making do with what must be done. This is more intense when you become a senior citizen.

This is Day 3 of SWPP – how to keep it up even when you are retired and a senior citizen! Yes, this “dual citizenship” of sort brings you to a state of life that will test you faith and patience. Why?

Time catches up with whatever you are doing. When this happens you have to accept it for after all there is no way to go around it. Every person grows old but while its physical aspect is easily seen, other aspects like psychological and spiritual vary very widely between and among people. The more you balance all the aspects that go with growing old, the easier it is to go on with life without fear.

“Dual citizenship” really refers to a loose representation of being a citizen of one’s country and then being a person who reaches 60 and above. It is a loving and lighthearted way to describe an older person who has reached a stage in life when moving about does not come very easily anymore. Some easily get sick while others maintain a lifestyle that is more sports minded thereby staying more healthy and active.

Thus, here we go, “dual citizen” or not, we are challenged to go on with our roles in life. This is the slice of the world picture you have attained. Life to the fullest!