The next date to mark in your calendar: November 18, 2017, Why? Read on . . .

A saying goes: “Time is the best measurement of any relationship.” The Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Bukidnon Council is 65 years in existence. At least I can relate with it because I am 67 years young. But most of you cannot. However, a time to meet again will definitely be a good start to reconnect.

So this early: take note – NOVEMBER 18, 2017, Bukidnon State University Auditorium, 8 :00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

See you then.

As our commitment – let us try to contact as many Girl Scouts based in Bukidnon and invite them to join us. Deal?

And before I end: what is our slogan: ” Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.”