Visit bonding plus Pacifico Boutique Hotel plus Seven Seas Waterpark

Before we knew it, 2017 came and went and we welcomed 2018! So did my adult children. Just when the formal celebration of Christmas and New Year came to pass, our bonding fell on January 8-12, 2018. Although the eldest of the brood is still in New York, she saw to it that our stay would be very comfortable so it had to be Pacifico Boutique Hotel and the place to enjoy and wander is the Seven Seas Waterpark. Remember we are based in Malaybalay City, Province of Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao, Philippines but we had to go to  Cagayan de Oro City to visit more tourist spots. Since words are never enough to capture our togetherness, let the photos speak for it. We also took time to visit the Carmelite Monastery and the Transfiguration to pray for our intention.

Feel free to ask me more about tourist spots located in Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro City. I can be at your service!




When thank you is not enough but it will do in the meantime

At last can resume its blogging and videoblogging and communicating are finally back!

Let us begin with the week that came and went. The dates: January 8-12, 2018. Main movers:, and The lucky recipients: a Mom, a videographer, a photographer, a Mother-daughter tandem, a MommyLa and a lady caregiver par excellence. The venues: Pacifico Boutique Hotel and Seven Seas.Waterpark & Resort.

It is indeed an understatement to say bonding is best when celebrated with family.

2018 is just beginning so there will certainly be a string of thank youS!

Life is a series of ups and downs as we very well know by now.

Let us thank 2017 for what it has given us and welcome 2018 with open arms!!!

For this new year of blogs and videoblogs, may I invite you my fellow bloggers and videobloggers to correspond more actively and proactively?

To all of us a Happy New Year indeed!!! and Thank you for the New Beginning…


Thank you

Nowadays, donors are few. But not Its proprietor, Maria Irene S. Aserios helped make our Grand Reunion truly grand!

May your kind thrive! We hope to visit and invite others to do so regularly especially because Bukidnon Council GSP hopes to update itself with anything and everything Bukidnon.

Thank you very much!