Grace Poe – Francis “Chiz” Escudero: an epitome of New Leadership

For a country that is undergoing turmoil coming from various sides, this coming election 2016 is like a quest for New Leadership. The Philippines is a nation of talented citizens but it is still a mystery why there are many who are very poor amid abundance of natural resources. Once again, we can only look at another chance to become “great again” if we have to be positive that once upon a time the country has been uplifted to a better place.

It is therefore with joy that a good tandem has offered all that they are to serve the people. Two young senators embody this ideal. Senator Grace Poe has just submitted her certificate of candidacy as President while Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero submitted his certificat1e of candidacy as Vice-President. The aura of this tandem is just alluring both to the young and the old. As senatorial candidates, Grace Poe ranked number 1; Chiz Escudero, top 5.

It is without hesitation that this tandem is an epitome of new leadership.

One thought on “Grace Poe – Francis “Chiz” Escudero: an epitome of New Leadership

  1. Bendz Carlos

    I believe in youth leadeship, fresh young minds, full of visions, why I chose Grace-Chiz tandem! I know these two will lead the nation in progress and peace, in truth and justice. Ne’er will they emulate the incompetence and mismanagement this country have witnessed for such a long time. Their sacrifice , dedication and selflessness are enough to boost the people’s morale to once again pull together and build a better tomorrow! Mabuhay Grace and Chiz, let’s do this together!

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