My Birthday is Today!

July 1 is the “first day of  the rest of my life”. It reminds me I did not come and become on my own. My parents and my siblings helped me mold myself and gradually directed me to where I am. Then my own family gave me heightened meaning of coping with what life has to offer.

Birthdays though come to us once a year can in fact be celebrated anytime if only to punctuate the mystery and anonymity of what the future brings.

So today is my birthday, a great day to be grateful and happy!

When birthdays are best days . . .

There are important occurrences in life that happen only ” once in a blue moon” . This was the case between an uncle and a niece- my third child born May 31, 1980 and my first grandchild born May 31, 2017 ( thanks to caesarean operation actual birth can be postponed if only for a day or two and of course thanks to the new parents who like their first baby to be a Math wizard like her uncle).

These are birthdays indeed which are best days!


And the Miss Universe 2016 is . . .

After all the hard work, sleepless nights and grueling practice sessions, the vote is in.

And the Miss Universe is . . . MISS FRANCE !!! followed by MISS HAITI!!  and MISS COLOMBIA!

In most instances, the winner is one who listens intently to what is really being asked and then answer it as simply as possible but always being true to what is asked.

Congratulations Miss France, MISS UNIVERSE !!!