Introducing “reinmatters” and why “reinmatters”

The person behind this undertaking was a wife for 20 years. When she became the single parent of 4 children she was already more than 40 years old. Armed with optimism and the concern and love her immediate family always give in abundance she overcame all the challenges that come with educating the children.

Fast forward, today, the children are now grown and have become the reasons why ‘reinmatters’ matters. I have all the time now to meet the world with new eyes through this avenue and through this blog ‘reinmatters’.

So fellow writers and blog enthusiasts, let us meet through ‘reinmatters’ 🙂

2 thoughts on “Introducing “reinmatters” and why “reinmatters”

  1. Hi tita Reinmatters!

    It’s good to read your blog! And it was also redesigned. Truly, indeed you are the greatest techi mother and blogger. I enjoyed so much reading your daily thoughts. Now I am starting to miss you! The memories when we see each other in the BSU school campus, we pause and have some updates, and everybody is staring because we use English. Those were the days. Congratulations on this wonderful parenting blog!


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