Parenting is a never ending vocation

Getting married changes one forever. Our wish for the newly weds is for them to have a happy life but especially to have children as soon as possible. We forget to tell them that once they will have children of their own, they will become parents with the never ending vocation to take care of them until they are ready to be on their own. Parenting is really a never ending vocation.

What is parenting? Regardless what dictionary you refer to, it points to raising/rearing the children including all the responsibilities that go with it. From experience having four children of my own, parenting is borne out of my love for each of them, from the time they were born to the present. As a Filipino parent, the unique aspect we put into this process is the never ending responsibility of looking out for them. Another equally vital perspective is seen through the difficult task of parenting when children come through out-of-wedlock, rape or incestuous relationships. However and whatever the circumstances the children come into this world, parenting transcends through it. Vocation is the term experts use. Vocation, according to religious authorities is the call that is initiated by God and demands an answer. Thus, if you are a parent, your vocation from God is to love Him through your children.

Once I overheard a mother who commented that some women who got married are not acting as parents. Only responsible and mature adults should be allowed to get married so that once they would have children it becomes logical to expect them to raise their children well. So we look  Another perspective is seen through the equally vital responsibility baround and ask: why are the children of these so-called responsible and mature adults not doing well? Who is to blame? This is a big topic of discussion that needs deeper analysis. For now it is loud and clear: Parenting is a never ending vocation. 23IJvfnR_PEUo6mqwjfZetivziZkllpSpCBjRfG7AZI=w876-h657-noJDg38s6X3Km1hPWYeAfiFMMywP2fZEmmQkLWLVyeHRM=w876-h657-no